Data Security and Access Control with Open as App

Data access control

With Open as App you have got full control regarding access and update status of the data in your apps. This contributes to the IT security in your company. With the access limitations via hubs respectively the invitation of specific app users you can regulate who will see your data. The app cannot be passed on to third parties. If required an app can also be equipped with a predefined expiry date. As all apps are centrally hosted (in the Cloud or on premises) you can delete them remotely from user devices, for example if a smartphone gets lost.

Data security

Hosting: With Open as App you can host your source file safely in our Microsoft Azure-based Cloud or retrieve documents directly from your own company infrastructure. Alternatively, you can use other Cloud provided such as Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive as well to host your data for the Open as App service.

On premises hosting: If you decide to retrieve data directly from your infrastructure only the initial app creation will take place in the Open as App Cloud. The source file will be encrypted and handed over to the Open as App server only during the short creation process. Any subsequent changes in the source file will be communicated from your server directly to all App Clients; there won’t be any communication via the Open as App Cloud.

Tip for confidential data: Create your apps with dummy data. Later you can integrate the original data of your company and transfer them directly to the App Clients.